I am a human being and a researcher, engineer, hobbyist, DIYer, geek, programmer, micro-chip designer, blogger, community volunteer, tech enthusiast…

From childhood I had developed great affinity in engineering. At a tender age of 3, I was introduced to wooden model construction kits at a Montessori nursery where my grand mother was a principal. I played with the toy kits and built wooden models of a steam engine and an aeroplane. I believe this  early exposure to engineering had a profound effect on my mind and contributed significantly in developing an aptitude towards it. I managed to wire an electrical circuit and light up a bulb when I was 7. When I was 11, one of my cousins joined a course to become a technician in Radio and TV repairing while staying with us. This greatly developed my interest in electrical and electronic devices and circuits. My grand mother gifted me a plastic Mechano and toy electrical experiment kit which I loved and played with for a number of years. My first soldering iron was gifted to me by my uncle when I was 11 and since then I have been playing with electronics. I have worked on many of my creations including EkZee from my own home electronics laboratory in my garage on weekends and on holidays. Exploring and working in the field of electronics started as a hobby but it has now become a passion for me. I want to share useful project(s) that I created.

I always wanted to create my own blog and share my projects and experiences with the world with an aim to give back the knowledge that I have gained over the course of the years to budding engineers and enthusiasts. I strongly believe in !(reinventing) the wheel and pursue the Keep It Simple Attitude. I also believe that we do not have time to make all the mistakes ourselves in life and it is best to learn from other’s mistakes and experiences.

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