My First Sky Dive From 15000 Feet

My very first (tandem) sky dive from 15000 feet. Free fall for the first 10000 feet and then parachute at 5000 feet. I did it with GoSkyDive in Salisbury, UK.

PIC0049 (Large)

My instructor was Ryan Mancey. Ryan is the chief instructor at GoSkydive. Extremely friendly chap and made it so easy for me. I could not have done without him. Ryan has jumped about 8000 times in past 20 years of his experience in sky diving.

Geared up in the jump suit and tandem harness, walking towards the plane.

DSCF2823 (Large)

Ryan, my sky diving instructor.

PIC0006 (Large)

Getting into the plane.

PIC0008 (Large)

Hanging off the edge of the plane, the scariest moment.

PIC0031 (Large)

Out in the air. No Fear, No Stress. Enjoying free fall for 10000 feet.

PIC0036 (Large)

Shouting as loud as I can “15000 feet here I come”.

PIC0077 (Large)

Ryan filming me with a GoPro tied to his wrist. He did excellent photography, shot lots of stills and video both.

PIC0056 (Large)

Finally the parachute was deployed at about 5000 feet.

PIC0089 (Large)

Then Ryan showed me how to fly the parachute.

PIC0106 (Large)

Watching other divers in their parachutes.

PIC0101 (Large)

Finally touch down in the drop zone. Alive on the ground :).

PIC0117 (Large)


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